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SoCal Christian Weddings

Where Sacred Love Stories Unfold
Ryan and Kymberli showing off their rings after being married in San Marcos
Divine Celebrations
From Reverent Vows to Eternal Bliss
Join hands with Reverend Doctor Jeff Saville and Rev. Rebecca Saville in a holy matrimony that is as spiritually profound as it is emotionally touching. At SoCal Christian Weddings, we cherish the privilege of having officiated over 500 soul-stirring ceremonies worldwide since 1987. Our dedication lies in bringing to life weddings that resonate with the intimate principles of Christian faith and personal narrative.
Meet Your Guides
to Matrimonial Blessings
Vows in German! I led many parts of the wedding for Bea Berger and Ben Davis in German today!
Rev. Doctor Jeff Saville
With an open heart and seasoned experience, Reverend Jeff crafts ceremonies that celebrate your love in resonant spiritual fidelity. Specializing in relationship fortification with “Prepare and Enrich” as well as SYMBIS, his approaches to your nuptials promise a profoundly memorable start to your journey together.
Vows in German! I led many parts of the wedding for Bea Berger and Ben Davis in German today!
Rev. Rebecca Saville
When duty calls Reverend Jeff elsewhere, Rev. Rebecca ensures that your wedding remains in the most caring and capable hands. With her, your day will echo the sincerest expressions of your love and beliefs.
Tailoring Your Divine
Christian Wedding Experience
SoCal Christian Weddings is passionate about curating exclusive and emotive ceremonies that eloquently capture the essence of your love, set amidst the serene vistas of Southern California.
Military Wedding
Express the honor and courage of your love with a military-themed ceremony that binds the virtues of faith and service.
Nick-and-Karen Wedding-Officiant
Catholic Wedding
Embrace the rich heritage of Catholic traditions, allowing the sanctity of ancient rituals to bless your union
Wedding-Officiant wedding renewal
Christian Wedding
A ceremony that intimately captures the shared pillars of your Christian faith, promising a celebration drenched in love.
Wedding-Officiant wedding renewal
Spiritual Religious Wedding
Craft an inclusive ceremony that reflects the profound diversity of your spiritual journeys, for a wedding steeped in reverence and unity.
An Elegant Wedding Reception
Wedding Rehearsal
Refine the orchestration of your big day with personalized rehearsal planning, designed for a seamless, flawless celebration.
Wedding-Officiant wedding renewal
Reserve Your Day of Devotion
Book Your Wedding Date
to begin the unforgettable journey of uniting in faith, love, and an ensemble of picturesque moments to treasure forever.

Entrust SoCal Christian Weddings with your vows, and let us elevate your special day into a transcendent affair of joy and everlasting memories.
Step upon the path of togetherness with SoCal Christian Weddings, and let every aspect of your ceremony be a testament to a love enriched by divine blessings.

Discover Our Cherished Venues
Choose from SoCal’s Splendid Array of Venues
Wherever your heart is set within Southern California’s vast beauty, we bring your wedding to life—from the bucolic charm of Wine Country to Palm Springs’ enchanting desert landscapes and beyond.

Wine Country


San Diego


La Jolla

San Marcos

Palm Springs
Orange County
Kyle and Lisa voiced their love and commitment at Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens in Fallbrook, CA
SoCal Christian Weddings is committed to meticulously hand-painting your special day with vibrant strokes of faith, love, and Southern California’s awe-inspiring scenery as your sanctuary.

Embrace Spontaneity

with Same Day Marriage
For moments that can’t wait, our Same Day Marriage service is ready to solemnize your spontaneous union with sacred grace and effortless charm.
Chapel of Memories
A Venue of Historical Romance
Promise forever within the storied walls of the Temecula Chapel of Memories, a place where every stone holds decades of love stories, including the start of your own.
Intimacy Defined
at Our Small Wedding Chapel
Our Small Wedding Chapel offers the perfect setting for those who desire a more personal ceremony, where every whisper and every glance can be cherished up close.

Take the First Step Towards a Marriage

Blessed With Faith, Love, and Lifelong Happiness
Choose SoCal Christian Weddings for your premarital counseling and let our experienced guidance solidify the love and faith at the heart of your marriage. Together, we’ll lay the groundwork for a partnership as lasting and beautiful as the Southern California landscape.