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Embrace the Ceremonial Waters

with SoCal Christian Weddings

Holy baptism
Your Spiritual Voyage
Begin Your Spiritual Voyage in God’s Beautiful Creation
SoCal Christian Weddings warmly invites your family to celebrate the sacred act of baptism, a rite of faith and rebirth. Amidst the tranquil beauty that Southern California has to offer, we craft bespoke baptisms that capture the essence of this significant spiritual milestone.
Be Guided
Be Guided by Our Revered Pastor and Ordained Minister
Led by the compassionate hands of our revered pastor and ordained minister, your baptism service is more than a tradition; it’s a deeply personal journey. Dedicated to upholding Christian values, they ensure the ceremony is imbued with sincerity, making for an unforgettable initiation into faith.
Rev. Rebecca Saville – In moments when Reverend Jeff is called elsewhere, you are embraced by Rev. Rebecca’s professional care and tender warmth. Rest assured, the essence of your love and faith will be beautifully represented under her guidance.
Be Guided by Our Revered Pastor and Ordained Minister
Man kneeling on water praying
A Ceremony as Unique as Your Beliefs
We recognize the weight of this divine sacrament—an outward symbol of inner grace and new beginnings. SoCal Christian Weddings tailors each baptism to honor the unique spiritual path of your family, laying a momentous cornerstone for the development of a lifetime commitment to faith.
Held in the Heart
Held in the Heart of SoCal’s Splendor
From the rolling vineyards of Wine Country to the coastal horizons of La Jolla and the lush palms of Fall Springs, our services are not confined to walls. They unfold in nature’s embrace across the region’s most stunning venues—each chosen to enhance your baptism’s sacredness.
The Gazebo at Roessler Point in Palos Verdes is a spectacular (and free) location for a small wedding!
Embark On The Inaugural Steps
Towards A Spiritually Enriching Celebration For Your Loved one.
SoCal Christian Weddings merges the sanctity of baptism with the picturesque grandeur of Southern California. We cherish the honor of accompanying your family on this profound journey of faith, grace, and joyful festivity.