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In the heart of Southern California’s Wine Country, SoCal Christian Weddings stands as a testament to the beauty of faith and the joy of life’s greatest milestones. From the sacred vows of matrimony to the tender commemorations of a life well-lived, our mission is to facilitate ceremonies that resonate deeply with the personal narratives of faith for believers in Temecula and beyond.

Devotion to Christian

Traditions and Personal Touches

As a devoted ceremonial service provider, we at SoCal Christian Weddings place a passionate emphasis on Christian values and traditions. Every ceremony we craft is imbued with the elegance of spirituality, the grace of personal stories, and the majesty of Southern California’s natural landscapes. Our calling is to accompany you through life’s most pivotal moments:


Celebrate the union of two hearts under God’s loving gaze, surrounded by the rustic charm and lush vineyards unique to regions like Temecula, San Diego, and Orange County.


Provide a sanctuary of peace as you honor the journey of a loved one to eternal rest, with services reflective of Christian hope and assurance, set in serene locales like Riverside and Palm Springs.


Tailored to Your Faith Journey

SoCal Christian Weddings is rooted in delivering heartfelt and personalized services. Our expertise in combining the sanctity of scripture with the idyllic peace of our chosen locations is unmatched. Whether it’s a tranquil sunset ceremony on the beaches of Coronado, an intimate prayer in the hills of Fallbrook, or a wine blending ritual symbolizing unity at a wedding in La Jolla, we have the vision and means to make your ceremony unforgettable.

Meet Our Team

Vows in German! I led many parts of the wedding for Bea Berger and Ben Davis in German today!
Rev. Doctor Jeff Saville
With an open heart and seasoned experience, Reverend Jeff crafts ceremonies that celebrate your love in resonant spiritual fidelity. Specializing in relationship fortification with “Prepare and Enrich” as well as SYMBIS, his approaches to your nuptials promise a profoundly memorable start to your journey together.
Vows in German! I led many parts of the wedding for Bea Berger and Ben Davis in German today!
Rev. Rebecca Saville
When duty calls Reverend Jeff elsewhere, Rev. Rebecca ensures that your wedding remains in the most caring and capable hands. With her, your day will echo the sincerest expressions of your love and beliefs.
Steven and Kassandra were married at Madera Country Club in Poway, CA

A Deeply

Meaningful Commitment

With every couple we meet and every family we serve, we affirm our commitment to:

– Honor the unique spiritual journey of each individual
– Offer compassionate support and detailed guidance
– Craft bespoke experiences that leave everlasting impressions
– Respect and celebrate the Christian faith with authenticity

Why Choose

SoCal Christian Weddings?

Your choice in a wedding or funeral service provider is profound. In selecting SoCal Christian Weddings, you entrust us to:

– Craft ceremonies rich in Christian ethos, including prayer and Wedding Bible scripture verses
– Celebrate your love story with a customized wedding ceremony, including unique services like wine blending
– Commemorate the life and legacy of your loved ones with thoughtfully chosen readings and personal anecdotes
– Provide guidance from experienced relationship coaching for engaged couples


What Clients Say About Us

Let the touch of Southern California's beauty and the warmth of true Christian fellowship surround you. At SoCal Christian Weddings, we don’t just plan ceremonies; we create eternal memories through the love of Christ and the scenery of His creation. Reach out to us and embark on a collaboration that honors your faith and unfolds your story with grace and beauty.

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We understand the weight and the honor of being part of your most significant life events. SoCal Christian Weddings invites you to connect with our heart, to experience our purpose, and to welcome our partnership as you step into moments that matter.