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Premarital Counseling

The Foundation of Your Forever
At SoCal Christian Weddings, we understand that a wedding is just the beginning of a lifelong journey together. That’s why we offer comprehensive premarital counseling services, designed to strengthen the bonds of love and faith before you walk down the aisle.
Charlie and Hanna
A Sacred Space
for Growth and Understanding
Divine love grows in the soil of mutual understanding and respect. Reverend Doctor Jeff Saville guides each couple through tailor-made premarital counseling sessions, drawing upon decades of ministry and a profound understanding of Christian matrimonial principles. It’s an opportunity to explore your relationship more deeply, fostering healthy communication and shared values that will carry you through life’s peaks and valleys.
Deepening Connections
with Meaningful Dialogue
Your prenuptial journey should be as enriching as your wedding day. Our premarital counseling offers a safe space for meaningful dialogue between you and your partner, allowing you to establish a resilient, faith-centered relationship built to last a lifetime.
I led David W. Devereaux and Lisa May through their vows at Marina Village, Mission Bay in San Diego!
Fostering Intimacy
Before The Altar
Marriage is more than a momentary celebration; it’s an intimate bond that deepens with time. Through guided sessions, we cover essential topics that pave the way for a harmonious union, ensuring that your “I do” is not just a declaration of the moment, but a promise for every moment thereafter.
James and Tammy Youel
Same Day Marriage
Begin Your Journey Without Delay
At SoCal Christian Weddings, we understand that when you’re ready to pledge your love, you may not want to wait. Our same day marriage option empowers you to seize the moment and celebrate your vows spontaneously, surrounded by Southern California’s enchanting beauty.
Where Love Lives On
The Temecula Chapel of Memories
The historic Temecula Chapel of Memories offers a timeless setting for your wedding. With its walls echoing with echoes of romance, your ceremony here becomes part of the chapel’s long legacy of love.
Small Wedding Chapel
Intimate Gatherings, Infinite Memories
For couples who desire a more secluded celebration, our Small Wedding Chapel is the perfect sanctuary. It’s an intimate venue that promises an atmosphere of warmth and closeness, ideal for smaller gatherings.
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SoCal Christian Weddings is the dedicated partner you need as you prepare to take one of life’s most significant steps. Our premarital counseling, complemented by our range of ceremony options, ensures that your marriage begins on the surest of foundations, blessed with vibrant memories and the light of enduring faith.

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Kyle and Lisa voiced their love and commitment at Grand Tradition Estate and Gardens in Fallbrook, CA

Take the First Step Towards a Marriage

Blessed With Faith, Love, and Lifelong Happiness
Choose SoCal Christian Weddings for your premarital counseling and let our experienced guidance solidify the love and faith at the heart of your marriage. Together, we'll lay the groundwork for a partnership as lasting and beautiful as the Southern California landscape.